Monday, February 17, 2014

Surviving Kelud - Day 4

February 17th, 2014.
There was a thought that kept pastering my mind, that in the afternoon, the dusts will be spreading around, causing the rooms dirty again and again. Only a very heavy rainfall will wash all dusts, especially at the street and on the rooftops.
At the very beginning of this day, I stayed awake to do an online course registration. The students always call it "Portal Wars". We have to access a website called Portal Akademik and register the courses we would like to enroll for the upcoming semester. It became wars because usually there are some courses with limited seat so everyone bet their luck to be as fast as possible. They want to take the course primarily because their friends are on it. It's a given. Nobody wants to take a course with no friends to talk to. Unluckily, there was one course I failed to register due to class has been full. Maybe I would try again later. After I played computer for a while (yes, I took the risk with these volcanic dusts), I went to bed.
The moment I woke up, I felt the dusts have already been on the floor again. The weather felt cold, but I kept wearing my mask. This mask started to smell. Probably because I have worn it from yesterday. I was thinking whether I should join cleaning the campus or stay and clean my own house. My mother asked me to accompany her to check our Jombor house if I don't go to campus. Maybe I would just do that.
I saw the school in front of our house has started their activities once again. SMPN 1 Godean (Godean Junior Highschool 1). The dusts still flied around everytime a vehicle passing by the street. I decided to keep wearing my mask.
We heard that the school will be doing a cleanup thorough their school as well as the surroundings. Cleaning the area without using any water was very discouraged because the dusts will not disappear. Instead, it will spread to neighboring houses and will make the environment even dirtier, while maybe their school will be the only clean place.
I could still thin surfaces of volcanic dusts around the house, especially on tables and chairs. While our helper splashing the water on every corner of the house, we took breakfast and hurriedly went to our house in Jombor.
Luckily, our house there seemed not much affected. Probably because the rain has fallen in Jombor and its surrounding. It could be seen from the tree leaves that have turned green. Compared to Godean which haven't got any rain yet. We bought foods from a familiar Padang Restaurant which was on the verge of sold out.
At this point, I could say that this eruption didn't give much disturbance on the people on Yogyakarta. People here was doing their routine activities with almost no care to the dusts. The only difference were the streets full of dusts, the shops with door slightly opened, and people wearing masks everywhere. I was thinking of some kind of irony. Imagine yourself cleaning on the side of the street, while other people riding their vehicle in front of you and making the dusts spread again to your place. I think it's not wrong to get upset for it.
In the evening, I sat down again to write this blog. I saw the rooftop still greyish. No signs of rain whatsoever. I just there lookong at the bright orange sky with no clouds could be seen, gradually turning red as the earth swallowed the sun.

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