Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surviving Kelud - Day 5

February 18th, 2014.
We got a news that one of our relatives named Mrs. Wati was in Yogyakarta since last Friday (Feb 14), right when the Kelud Mountain erupted. She said that the area around Kotabaru has been cleaned by a heavy rain recently. It's frustating that almost all area around Yogyakarta have rained. Godean was the only area that haven't been raining (I think), so the dusts still could be seen clearly.
I looked up and see the clear morning sky. I couldn't say it would rain, but I just hoped it that way.
The heat was so intense. The sunlight reflected on the ground was so bright. No signs of raining. Maybe it couldn't be seen clearly, but there were some very tiny dusts flying around in the air. My eyes were hurt each time they got struck by the dusts.
Over time, the dusts were appearing once again on the surfaces we cleaned before. I kept my mask on even when I'm indoor. The sky seemed darker and a thunder heard once. I hope it would rain soon. But the only thing I felt was the winds blowing. That made room dirty again.
A drizzle. I was happy for these little water. But I was hoping for more dense rain because it could wash all the dusts on the roof in one go. A drizzle like this would mainly just prevent the dusts from spreading, though some of the dusts were splashed by the rain.

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