Monday, October 6, 2014

About Love Live 3rd Anniversary Translation

It's been a while since last time I open the translation for the concert. I was too busy in my last year of college. In July to August, I was doing a Social Development Work, where I have to live in another place for 2 months, doing work for the development of people's lifetime wealth. I could only translate few lines before I take the Field Work, which I have to temporarily work in a company for a month. Not to mention, I am going to continue my master college via Fast Track Scholarship, where I can enroll in Master Courses while still in Bachelor Degree, which means I can complete Bachelor and Master Degree in just 5 years (it's normally 4 years for Bachelor and 2 years for Master in Indonesia).

Long story short, I think I can't continue this translation project. I still love Love Live, but I can't do the project while college is overwhelming me. So for anyone who is interested to continue the project, you can mail me at and I will give the .ass files to you. Note that I will put your name on the Love Live! page to let others know who have asked for the file.

I'm sure there are plenty translator out there who can do much better job than me. So, if you want to take over, mail me, okay? Much thanks before.

[Update 29-Mar-16]
Good news! Some folks from Love Live! Wikia sent a message that they took over the English translation project for Love Live! 3rd Anniversary Live and will soon release it. You can check their wiki page here ( They put a lot of information regarding Love Live! like the School Idol Festival game as well as their upcoming final concert. Be sure to check them regularly. You can also follow their Twitter here ( Cheers.