Sunday, August 11, 2013

Warcraft III Map: Touhou Defence of the Shrine

Touhou Project is a series of 2D vertical-scrolling shooting game made by Team Shanghai Alice, and some spin-off games made from collaboration with Twilight Frontier. Despite being just a 2D shooting game (like Space Impact, my friends said), the difficulty is awesomely making my eyes burning. The bullets are spread through the whole screen based on some unique-yet-deadly pattern, often called "Danmaku" (lit. means Bullet Hell). Here's the example of one Spell Card, the pattern executed by each boss on every stage in the game.

Divine Punishment "Young Demon Lord" by Remilia Scarlet

Because of weird magic of internet and such, many fans were gathered and created their own fandom, like pictures, fan-made stories, music arrangement, doujinshi games, and many others. One creation is this custom Warcraft III Map named Touhou Defence of the Shrines.

Touhou Defence of the Shrines - Loading Screen