Saturday, December 17, 2016

Accel World - Infinite Burst (English Subtitle)

Who is this cutie?

English Subtitle File (*.ass)

Opaque Ver: MediaFire | Mega
Plain Ver: MediaFire | Mega
Plain Ver Timing Fixed: MediaFire | Mega

Note: use Opaque Ver if you already have hardsubbed file from [Mites] to overlap the hardsub. Otherwise, use the Plain Ver and grab a fresh RAW file.
Update: use Plain Ver Timing Fixed if the RAW you use has Warner Bros logo in the beginning. (thanks to Nikey646)

Video used as translation base

Other RAW files

Comparison between Opaque Ver and Plain Ver

Opaque Ver (top) and Plain Ver (bottom).

Disclaimer: This translation is just what I do on a whim and no preparation other than "meeting" this [Mites] guy on the internet. My only tools are Anime-ism Japanese proficiency, English grammar from the internet, and Google Translate. I can't ensure this will be 100% correct translation, but do tell me the flaws so I can improve myself. Thanks for downloading. Cheers.


  1. Quick question can u resync the subs because when I download the raw file the subs are out of sync. Because Mites File has the warner Bros logo intro cut out. Other raw files have the logo intro

    1. What RAW do you use? So I can fix the timing exactly.

    2. The logo sequence was 33.81 seconds, time shifting by that solved the issue for me.

    3. Thanks based kind anon. You saved me time and data. Fixed.

  2. does anyone know where i can download the english subtitle file. i downloaded the raw no subtitles.

    1. Obviously. RAW = no subtitle. Download the *.ass file listed above.

  3. Thank you!!!!! it Works with[Moozzi2] Accel World Infinite Burst (BD 1920x1080 x.264 Flac)