Sunday, February 16, 2014

Surviving Kelud - Day 2

February 15th, 2014. Godean, Sleman.
I woke up to the calling of my cousin. I was pretty sure he was asked by my mother to do that. I felt the floor was already covered very thin dusts again. I was suprised since we already cleaned this room yesterday and it's already become dirty again. My mother said it's possible because the dust today felt softer compared to yesterday. So, we do another round of clean up.
Today, I start cleaning from the front of the house. I see the road is become cleaner, not so full of dust compared to yesterday. But it was not because someone cleaned it. I have a thought that the dusts flied themselves everytime a vehicle hit them while passing by, causing the dusts to fly aimlessly, and entering our house more and more.
In the evening, we cleaned our rooms again (FYI this house is so big that it seems like two houses connected with some kind of hallway). This time I couldn't do it with the same spirit as yesterday because I already know that it will be dirty again the next day.
In the night, my uncle (The Head Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjahmada) invited me and my mother to take dinner together in a Korean Restaurant in Yogyakarta named Silla. Along the street, I could see many water puddles. Maybe it was caused by the water sprayed by people to cleaned the street from the volcanic dusts. I also noticed there were so many people wearing mask, while only a few took the risk not to wear any. Oh, and now I also wear the medical mask, which is more comfortable to wear than my motorcycle mask.

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