Sunday, February 16, 2014

Surviving Kelud - Day 1

February 13th, 2014. East Java, Indonesia.
Kelud Mountain has erupted. Many people who lives around the mountain was frightened, especially for its unknown Volcanic Thunderstorm during the eruption. The news said that this eruption is 10 km high. The air current on the area is headed to south-west, resulting volcanic dust rain in Blitar, Kediri, Purwakarta, and Yogyakarta, the place I currently reside.
February 14, 2014. Godean, Sleman.
I woke up to the sound of my mom yelling: "Dust rain!". Felt still dizzy, I headed to the dinner room where I look at the TV News giving report of Kelud Mountain Eruption. I couldn't believe that I was experiencing thing that my late brother did when Merapi Mountain erupted in 2010. For about 3 hours I didn't know what I should or shouldn't do, so I just keep staring at the TV screen blankly. I just grabbed my bike mask because I can't get any medical mask.
First thing first, I opened my laptop and browse Facebook aimlessly. Many anime fanpages were posting things about valentines. I enjoyed it myself a little. Thanks to my teacher from UGM, I knew some things that must be prepared in case of volcanic dust rain. For example, covering electronic devices (such as TV, computers) with plastic bag to prevent dust from entering them.
My father, which is currently in Jakarta, kept asking about our condition (me and my mother). That made me started recording our surrounding, posted it on Youtube, and gave the link to my father. I also took some pictures and uploaded it on Facebook.
When the rain seemed to decrease, we started to clean the volcanic dust, especially in an open space inside our house. We thought the dust will not be so much, but after piling them in one spot, it's quite enough to fill one sack. Along with my cousins, we eagerly cleaned the dusts all around the house. I also cleaned below the rooftop because my mother is concerned if the rain falls down, then so much dusts changing into mud-like substances and becomes so heavy.
The street seemed lonely because there was only one or two vehicle passing by in the midst of fog-like dusts every few minutes.
My body felt so tired for not working this much before. With the TV news kept their Breaking News still about Kelud, we called it a day and take a nap.

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