Sunday, February 16, 2014

Surviving Kelud - Day 3

February 16th, 2014. Sleman, Godean.
Today, I took a chance to escort my mother to Gajah Mada Material Shop to take a look and buy some floor and wall tiles for our under-construction house in Jombor Kavling Indah, Monjali. While my uncle and his kids were attending an event at Solo, me and my mother headed to our destination. Along the road, I could feel so many dusts flying around because I was the one who ride the motorcycle while my mother was in the back. The feeling I had last night and this afternoon was so much different.
Long story short, while waiting in the cashier, I noticed a big cloud of dusts piling up on the entrance and blocked the view. Not long after that, I could hear the sound of raining. Everyone in the shop was so delighted becuase they longed for the rain to wash all the dusts and make the city clean once again. Unfortunately, the rain didn't last long.
As we headed home, the rain was dripping bit by bit. As we moved toward west (since our house is west of the shop), the street looked more and more dry. It seemed that area around my house was not affected by the rain. Instead of rain, there were some winds blowing around, making volcanic dusts on the streets and rooftops flying and spreading even wider. As a result, our house became dirty again.
My mother hit her body to bed due to fatigueness and fell to sleep. I sat down near the open space in the house, looking the wind blew the dusts around while writing blog using my phone. This was when I actually write things in this blog. So my previous posts may seem a bit awkward since I just wrote it now. I also didn't know how these posts will show up in my blog since I never tried mobile blog before.
In the evening, I filled my stomach with the food we bought earlier, and got ready to clean our rooms for the third time. My hands started to feel so sore. My head hurted a lot. Maybe because I slept overnight last night. With smelly sweat on my body and a headache, I did prayer to ask for heavy rainfall to God.
At the end of the day, there was some drizzle. Unfortunately, it didn't last long once again.
--I've never wished for rain more than today.

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