Monday, February 4, 2013

Anime Similarity

This post is just my opinion and just for fun. please don't take it seriously LOL. These similarities is based on several points. It can be the same character, same image, or just same impression of an Anime when I watch other anime. Maybe some people also experienced this feeling. I apologize if some of these contains some spoiler LOL.
These are some I can share among you:

1. 「Dantalian no Shoka 」and 「Infinite Stratos」
Similarity: there is a figure of a girl with light emitting (more like bursting) out of her chest.

In 「Dantalian no Shoka」, the girl is named Dalian. It is said that she is some kind of vessel to let the keyholder to open the "gate" on her chest to get a hold of Phantom Book. The picture above shows the sequence of her opening her gate to her keyholder, Hugh Anthony Disward.

On the other side, the image from 「Infinite Stratos」 (the opening video more accurately), shows the image of a girl named Shinonono Tabane, the older sister of Shinonono Houki and also the only genius professor that can create the core of the machine called Infinite Stratos (IS). I have no idea what's the meaning of that image LOL.

2. 「Another」 and 「Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!」
Similarity: both series have a girl character with an eyepatch on one of her eyes, but for different reason LOL.

Misaki Mei from 「Another」 wears an eyepatch on her left eye to cover her artificial eye, the doll's eye, which allows her to see the color of death. That means she can see the color of death on the person who is going to die soon or the dead person.

On the other side, Takanashi Rikka from 「Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!」 wears an eyepatch on her right eye to cover the imaginary "Wicked Eye". She believes that she possesses the power of darkness in her right eye. That's what Japanese people often call it the Second-Grade-Middle-School Syndrome (Chuunibyou, 中二病)

3. 「Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!」 and 「Guilty Crown」
Similarity: the protagonist shouting powerfully and there are energy emitting from him.

Togashi Yuuta from 「Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!」 is doing some recitation to change his illusion so that it becomes "real" for the audience LOL. It's not like some kind of power or anything. It's just his imagination LOL

Meanwhile for Ouma Shu from 「Guilty Crown」, he got those power released after he injected a Void power into himself, after his first Void power was taken by his former leader, Tsutsugami Gai.

4. 「Dantalian no Shoka」 and 「Guilty Crown」
Similarity: both series have a sequence for extracting a "power tool" from the chest of a woman. Hmm... kinda weird of course LOL.

In 「Dantalian no Shoka」, this "power extraction" can only be performed by a pair of "the key holder" and "the vessel". For example from the picture above, they are Hugh and Dalian. Later, Hugh "extract" the power of the Phantom Book depends on the situation given.

For 「Guilty Crown」, the "power extraction" can only be performed by the wielder of Void power, and for the "vessel" can be anyone, but results in different power. It is said that Void is a representation of someone's heart or mental condition. For example from the picture above, Ouma Shu as the wielder of Void extracts the Void from Yuzuriha Inori. Thus giving him a power of some ultimate sword. LOL

5. 「Angel Beats!」 and 「Little Busters!」
Similarity: in both series have a respected leader that always using terms like 'Operation' and 'Mission', then ordering them with a great shout of 'Start!'

Nakamura Yuri (Yurippe) from 「Angel Beats!」 often comes up with some operations that have a goal to opposing the God, meanwhile Natsume Kyousuke from 「Little Busters!」 often comes up with random "missions" that I think that's just for fun and.... yeah random LOL.

I think I'll just go with 5 this time... I'll try to think up about something else while watching those anime LOL...
thanks for dropping by guys!~ Sorry again if this contains spoiler and all... I had no intention of something like that LOL

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