Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heroine Carnival

First of all, I would like to try writing my blog on English, so that everyone in the world can also read what I posted LOL. Without any further, let's talk about the doujin game I recently found: The Heroine Carnival...! *standing applause*
Heroine Carnival Main Menu
If you people often play doujin games of ever heard of Touhou Pocket War EVO Plus [here on my blog LOL], you will find this easy to play. There are several reasons why I like to play this game:

1. Visual Novel Interface
Player can choose one of several available choices to get another conversation
Like almost all Visual Novel out there, the story allow the player to make a choice in a several points along the story. I think different choice doesn't lead to another story. It only shows additional conversation without changing the main plot, or so I hope LOL.

Other than going through the main story, you can also take the story of each girls in your party and think it as a side-story or something like that LOL.
Side-story with a Thief  job unit
2. Battle Sequence
Simple interface of battle event
For those that has played TPW EVO Plus, this will be a piece of cake LOL. Just kidding. It has a similar system to TPW EVO Plus, I think, but slightly different.
Well.. you place your units in the battle field, choose your desired attack/skill, and choose the target. Differently from TPW EVO Plus, it doesn't have a C/M/F Skill (Close/Mid/Far) or Spellcard system that needs to be reloaded after used. Instead, the attack can be targeted for single target, column target, row target, and so on. And also, you don't have to reload the spellcard each time you used it. The unit just need a number of AP (Action Point) to execute the desired skill.

The dungeon map has the same impression like TPW EVO Plus, as shown below.
Dungeon Map on Morgan Volcano
Tentacle Monster! How cool is that! LOL
And you know what's the most appealing in the battle? The character in critical state (low health) will get her clothes rip off LOL. Unfortunately, the character is too small to see, so I don't feel anything good IYKWIM LOL.
Look the difference between the normal state (left) and the critical state (right)
3. Unit Recruitment System
Recruiting unit requires payment for buying (one time only) and for each year (periodically)
Rather than finding new member along the way (well, you also will get some "special" unit along the story), this game is using unit recruitment system. That means you can have the same job for more than one unit. These units can be used for battle, research upgrade, or travelling in the dungeon to search for items.
Party Window - Team Member
The upgrade consists of enlarging the member quota, unlocking new items to make, and allows the regeneration of units for each month. The research action corresponds to the TEC stats of the units. On the other side, the dungeon travel corresponds with DIS stats of unit. The more total number of DIS, the higher chance to get rare items (maybe LOL).

Skill Window on Unit Status
Equip Window on Unit Status
Differently from TPW EVO Plus that each unit can only be equipped with one item, in Heroine Carnival, each unit can be equipped with 3 items, consists of weapon, armor, and accessories. Each equipment gives additional stats to the equipping character.

Just one thing I don't like in this game: It's still in Japanese (Oh my God!). I can only read hiragana, katakana, and a few kanji. Not to mention I also still don't know the Japanese structure LOL. I hope someone can tell me if there is some English patch or something like that. Okay? LOL
I think that's about all I can share you. If you want to try it, please just search using the google LOL. I have a strange feeling if I put down other's blog here LOL.

Thank you for reading, guys!!!

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