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Grief Syndrome

Characters of Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica is an Anime series that resolves around Kaname Madoka, an ordinary highschool girl that slowly learn the other truth of the world. Encountering a mysterious transfer student named Akemi Homura, and the gorgeous senior in her school, Tomoe Mami, joining other friends into being a magical girl. Even if the beginning of the series looks like an ordinary magical girl plot, as the episode goes, the real yet dark truth is being revealed...

Following the completion of the series, Twilight Frontier released a game titled Grief Syndrome as a doujin game of the anime. It was released on Comiket 80 in 2011.
Start Menu of Grief Syndrome
(Note: the screenshot above shows "Start from X-th lap" option. This option only appeared if you have completed the game at least once.)

The game is a kind of 2D horizontal-scrolling action game which the player can choose one from five available characters as shown in the anime.
Character Select Window
As a preview, I'll go with Sayaka because I like to smash my keyboards in action games (which tends to make it broke faster -_-).
Stage 1 - Scene 1
The control and game interface is simple. As shown in the picture above, the player status is shown under the screen. It shows character name, level, amount of soul limit, and one main bar. The main bar shows the current health in green, and damage amount in red. The blue bar appears when the player uses a skill, so whenever the character takes a damage while the blue bar exists, it will lose the same amount of damage, even if the damage is very small (like bumped to the enemy). Soul Limit refills the damage taken as health again, but also reduces periodically. The game is over when Soul Limit reaches 0.

The Stage 1 Boss - Gertrud
Not only the small fry, you will also encounter the boss as shown in the anime. For example, the first stage boss is similar like the one Tomoe Mami defeated in the episode 2 from the Anime series.

The game also allows up to 3 players simultaneously.
Up to 3 players can play together
Play with friends!

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